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Refer­ring Physicians

Your Local Radiation Therapy Partner

No one fights cancer alone. Not even doctors.

Cancer care doesn’t take just one healthcare provider; it takes a whole team of dedicated individuals. That’s why Onslow Radiation Oncology has an exceptional staff of oncologists, surgeons, nurses, and technicians available to assist physicians in treating their patients with cancer.

Onslow Radiation Oncology offers advanced equipment, technology, and talent and is ready to support you in developing and fulfilling a successful treatment plan for your patients. Our 10,000-square-foot facility accomplishes the fundamental goal of Onslow Memorial, to establish a top-level oncology resource that benefits the local area.

Onslow Radiation Oncology is in the top one percent overall for patient cancer centers in the state, and we’re proud to provide that level of care to patients close to home. Quality treatment on a local level gives your patients the best chance at recovery, and with less time on the road away from work and loved ones, nearby treatment alleviates some of the stress patients and families feel in their quest for recovery. Our hope is that a local care option will also allow more people to access quality care.

Physicians can feel good referring their patients to Onslow Radiation Oncology, knowing that our team will work tirelessly to get their patients back to optimum health.

Download the New Patient Referral Form.

Please call our office at (910) 577-4900 or email us at OnslowRadOnc@onslow.org for any additional questions or requests.